David Larible

Clown of the Clowns – Zirkus Knie, Zug, Switzerland – November 2016

Photographs of David Larible were taken at Zirkus Knie in Zug in October 2016.

David Larible (born June 23, 1957 in Verona, Italy) is an Italian clown. David Larible comes from six generations of artists. His family is originally from a place called La Rible in France. He is known for his classic Auguste Clown technique. Larible has a wide repertoire as a dancer, singer, musician and juggler. He is inspired by Classical music, Opera and ballet. One of his specialities is direct interaction with the audience and involvement by spectators. His influences include Charlie Chaplin, Charlie Rivel and Grock. In his gestures and facial expressions, he reminds the audience of Chaplin, but he develops its own style with charisma and presence in the ring. He uses music composed by Chaplin in his performances. (Source; Wikipedia)

Photographs 150 x 100 cm, ltd. ed. of 10 (2016)
Full Portfolio available upon request!