Leica Courrier, 14. November 2014 – Nr 97

2014 11 14 Leica Courrier African Vogue S
Artikel im “Leica Courrier” über mein Projekt “African Vogue”.

Herausgeberin: Leica Camera AG

Auflage: 23’000 Exemplare

Erscheinungsweise: 2-mal jährlich in Deutsch und Französich

About African Vogue

In October 2013, I started a 15 day expedition to Southern Omo Valley, Ethiopia, to portrait local tribe members. Beside my guide and driver, I also hired local guides / translators and I always had some assistance helping to set up the background, to negotiate the prices with the “models”. To access some of the tribe areas, we had to get the permission from the government and we had to agree on military protection.

All pictures were taken in natural light situations – no flash was used. In a few cases, I took a sun swapper or created extra shade with a shade panel but mostly, I worked with direct sun light / clouds and natural shade situations.

Most of the portraits were taken “on the field”, which means that people did not prepare themselves for the shooting – they rather “came as they were”. Each picture had to be negotiated and most them were compensated “per click” – which forced me to carefully prepare every picture before the “click” – if felt like going back to the old times.

All pictures were taken with a Leica S digital middle format camera. No tripod or monopod was used; all pictures were taken “freestyle”. Most of the settings were at ISO 160 and a Shutter Speed of between 1/60 and 1/160 seconds at F2.5 to 5.6.

The Series “African Vogue” contains about 300 portraits of tribe members of the Omo Valley in Ethiopia. (Including members of the Arbore Tribe, Mursi Tribe, Nyangatom Tribe, Bodi Tribe, Hamer Tribe, Benna Tribe, Konso).  The pictures were taken in October 2013 – All pictures were taken in natural light situations with a Leica S digital middle format camera.

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