Ballets “The Girl with Porcelain Eyes” from the Provincial Dances Theatre Contemporary dance theatre from Russia, Yekaterinburg – by Tatiana Baganova

The Photo Session took place before and after the performance of Tatiana Baganva’s The Girl with Porcelain Eyes at the Baltic House Theater in Saint Petersburg Russia in November 2018. Many thaks to the kind support of the Diagilev International Festival of Arts and to the Dancers Kseniia and Anton and to Andrey and Sasha for their great support.

About the Provincial Dances Theatre

Provincial Dances Theatre is a winner of numerous contemporary dance contests and festivals. Participant of different international and domestic theatrical, musical and choreographic festivals in Bangkok, London, Amsterdam, Rome, Paris, Nice, Dusseldorf, Bonn, Leipzig, Bolzano, Gdansk, Warsaw, Riga, Vilnus, Tallin, Tbilisi, Moscow, Saint Petersburg and many cities of Russia. The company is a recipient of the Russian National Theatre Award “Golden Mask”, Awards of the Theatre Statesman Union of Russia, and others. Tatiana Baganova is a Russian contemporary dance choreographer. She runs the company Yekaterinburg Provincial Dances in Yekaterinburg

About Festival Diaghilev. P.S.
The Festival was founded in the year of the 100th anniversary of Sergei Diaghilev’s Les Saisons Russes in St Petersburg, which had given to the great impresario of the XX century the initial start and inspiration. Sergei Pavlovich Diaghilev is a Russian theater and art figure, one of the founders of the World of Art group, the organizer of the Russian Seasons in Paris and the Diaghilev Russian Ballet troupe, an entrepreneur.